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9 Love-Links to your person! *

There are 9 Love-Links® elements to your person* that help you better “Love and Be Loved”.  Each element of your person links to love.

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9 Love-Links® Person Elements  (Click on each Image tile below.)

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Each of your 9 person* elements (who you really are) is linked to a TRUTH, a GOAL, and a LIE about “loving and being loved”.

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*Discovery Note: Who is your “person”?  

  • Genuine, unconditional love is holistic, and impacts your entire being.
  • Your “person” is made of three selves, your behavioral-self (your soma, or body), your developmental-self (your psyche, or soul), and your life-motivational-self (your pneuma, or spirit).
  • Since each “self” has 3 elements, a balanced, holistic view of love has 9 TRUTHS9 GOALS, and 9 LIES about your person that can be discovered, learned, and applied in “loving and being loved”.