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Center your life around love!

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You were created to “love and be loved”, to “know God” and to be ying yang LOVE KNOW ICON“known by Him”!

Discover God’s 9 Love-Images for Your Life.

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God wants to know you personally! … and love you, too!  1) Discover how you were made in God’s Images. 2) Quickly review the 9 LIES Satan uses to keep you from knowing the 9 TRUTHS about your images. 3) Learn the 9 GOALS for developing your love-images and defeating the lies about how special you are to your Creator.


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Grow in love daily! Enjoy the benefits … 1) Discover how to use your God-Images as formulas to build relationships, maximize competences, and successfully fit anywhere you find yourself. 2) Use your 9 God-Images to find your calling, increase your life motivation, and find fulfillment in your life.


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Discovery STUDIES

Learn all 9 Love-Images! Make them work for you …  Discover and develop each of your 9 Love-Images (i.e., God-Images) so you can use their powerful formulas in life. Know yourself better so you can know your Creator better.


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Empowered LEGACY

Do it right! Make it last forever …  While your 9 Love-Images can be used without your Creator, they can never be maximized or fully realized without participating in three gifts – forgiveness, freedom, and fulfillment. These transformations empower your legacy.



A 25 DAY STUDY on knowing your God-Image. This is an Advent study called "Christmas is Love".