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God-Image Element 5:  WORTH


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Linking "love and loving" with "worth" builds value in yourself and others.


Truth 5 -LOVE validates our WORTH. 

Goal 5 - Accept your WORTH and enjoy others.

LIE 5 - You are of no WORTH to anyone.

APPLYING Love-Link® Image Element 5 – Loving your WORTH


  • Strategy:  See your worth “through God’s eyes”.
  1. Begin with “loving” yourself as God does: Everyone has to learn how accept their own worth (love themselves) before they can genuinely accept (love) others. Even those who seem to love themselves “too much”, when observed closely, are often compensating for a low self-worth belief. Regardless of where you are, begin with genuinely seeing your worth to God. It is a humbling way to accept your unique value.
  2. Loving others helps us love ourself:  At some point in everyone’s life they are tempted to feel that they are worth anything to anybody. While it may be easy to change your thoughts about this “lie”, since everyone has worth by reason of their existence, and when looking around, they can always find some level of worth, believing the truth that they have worth is more complicated because it involves our feelings. Loving and being loved is the most powerful way to transition our thoughts to our feelings.  Reaching out and loving others is a good place to start believing in your worth.
  3. Practice accepting:  Surround yourself with others who see and affirm your worth – those who truly love you for who you are and accept your love in return. Accepting does not always mean agreeing, but the process of accepting differences yields an attitude of healthy boundaries and self-love.
  • Commitment:  Learn to "Love your Worth"
  1. Be open to new awareness's about yourself:  Be more aware of who is loving you. If this is hard, start by focusing on those to whom you are showing love. Focus on these relationships first, and your self-worth will be easier to sense. 
  2. Take a holistic approach to your worth.  Loving is always a choice. “Have you chosen to love yourself, others, and your Creator?” When loving, look at the other eight “image” elements for clues on how to love others and yourself unconditionally.
  3. Create your own learning projects.  Start with “thinking” about how you love and are loved. Make a list of these relationships. Continue with efforts to “experience” genuine relationships. Finally, as you gain successes, you will be ready to truly “believe” in your worth to yourself, others, and even your Creator. Use the Love-Links® image elements to increase your awareness of the many ways you can contribute to the worth of others (and yourself).   
  • Get Started:  Create “an atmosphere of WORTH”.
  1. Be proactive.  Learning your worth is best done in a setting of love, but can be done anywhere. Read, take assessments, listen to feedback, and learn from successes and mistakes. Be intentional in how you love and receive love, and it will improve your personal self-worth in the process. Download the Action Guide below. Complete the WORTH Study.
  2. Reach out.  Most of us need help, support, and guidance in better knowing, appreciating, and developing our worth.  Let others join you in your journey by sharing your stories with each other. Share your journey with others and listen to theirs as well. Have fun!

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