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God-Image Element 7:  VOCATION


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Linking "love" to your "vocation" gives purpose to life.


Truth 7 -Love empowers your VOCATION and calling.

Goal 7 - Embrace your VOCATION as part of your purpose.

LIE 7 - Your VOCATION has no purpose.

APPLYING Love-Link® Image Element 7 – Loving your VOCATION


  • Strategy:  Your calling “gives purpose to your vocation”.
  1. Understand your vocation: Your vocational image is not your job or career, but it can include one or both. Your vocation image centers in your purpose in life. Making money, caring for family and others, serving, and many other tasks are all valid reasons God has created you to have meaning for yourself, others, and Himself.
  2. Your “larger” vocation: Since life’s demands force their way into our priorities, there is a larger vocation, or purpose, that every created being has – that of bringing pleasure, glory, and honor to our Creator. The way to accomplish this is to have a personal and loving relationship with Him. Regardless of any work or tasks we perform, this is our greatest vocation.
  3. Integrate your vocation and calling with your purpose: Learning to find purpose in your work and daily tasks is important. Learning to ‘love and be loved” in every circumstance links your “larger vocation” to your sometimes-mundane vocation. Nothing we “do” lacks meaning if is from one who is “being” Christ-like.
  • Commitment:  Learn to "Love your Vocation"
  1. Be open to new ideas on how to value your vocation.  Most vocations are the source of income for self and others. We “do things” to gain resources to “do other things”. Be open to making sure both “things’ have meaning. Try not to look through one to get to the other. Instead, please your Creator by excelling in both!
  2. Take a holistic approach to your vocation.  Firm up your “larger” vocation as an attitude check on how you see life. Intentionally look for purpose and meaning in all you do. Even though you may have a job, if you are raising a family, you have another meaningful job as well. Look at all the groups and networks where you dwell.   Combine, prioritize, plan, integrate and maximize your value to each of them.
  • Get Started:  Learn to “value of your vocation”.
  1. Be proactive:  Write down your life goals. Look for common themes or patterns. Look at where you are and where you want to be. Make a plan to improve, change, and maximize your life’s purpose and vocation. Download the Action Guide below. Complete the VOCATION Study.
  2. Reach out:  Involve others in your calling(s). Get feedback. Spend time praying and seeking God’s direction and approval in where and how you spend your time.

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