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God-Image Element 8:  MOTIVATION


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Your "motivation" is maximized when linked to "love".


Truth 8 - Love energizes your MOTIVATIONS. 

Goal 9 - Experience MOTIVATION energized by caring.

LIE 8- Having selfless MOTIVATION is hopeless.

APPLYING Love-Link® Image Element 8 – Loving your MOTIVATIONS


  • Strategy:  Identify then “clarify your motivations”.
  1. Motivations are complicated:  Motivation is important because it is where you get your energy for life. Behavioral (body; soma) motivations include appetites, drives, bodily needs, and more. Developmental (soul; psyche) motivations include desires, emotions, wants, acceptance, and more. Life-Motivational (spirit; pneuma) motivations include purpose, meaning, immortality, guidance, and more. In each area, our motivation energize us to take action. Some are positive and some are negative. You need to pay attention to what motivates you so you can balance them with healthy choices.
  2. Choose “love” over “fear”: Most motivation is linked to either “fear” or “love”, and some to both. You fear sickness but love your health so you take medicine. You “love” your children but “fear” their rejection – so you choose whether to to discipline them or not. Fear is usually the easiest motivator to respond to, but love is most often the best choice. If you use the 9lovelinks and formulas, God can help you sort out your best choices. While “fear” is powerful, “love” is always the more powerful source of energy.
  3. Be aware of evil: Sin is always a problem with motivation. It drains one of energy as King David noted in the Psalms. If you lack motivation, spend some time with your Creator and get rid of any sin (things that displease Him or violate his will) in your life.
  • Commitment:  Learn to "Love your Motivations"
  1. Be honest about your motivations.  Clarity in motivations energizes you and gives you more energy for all your God-images. Don’t say “Let’s eat out” when you avoiding friends who you heard might drop by during dinner. Be clear. Address the real issues. Then, when you do go out to eat, you will enjoy it more! Honesty help you but also pleases your Creator.
  2. Take a balanced approach to your motivations.  It’s okay that motivations conflict. If you identify them, you can sort them out and make better choices. It can become an energizing habit and one you will want to live by.
  3. Create your plan to be disciplined: Another complication of motivation is discipline. Putting off important things to do the urgent is your enemy. Discipline to do the critical things first actually “uncomplicates” motivations and increases your energy. Make a list of “To Do’s” and label them “Important”, “Urgent”, and “Other”. Move on the important ones first. See what it does to your discipline and motivation. Try it!
  • Get Started:  Learning the value of your motivations is best done
  1. Be proactive.  Schedule some time to do #3 above. Download the Action Guide below. Complete the MOTIVATION Study.
  2. Reach out.  Ask a friend to help you “sort through” your priorities in difficult choices, focusing upon your genuine motivations.

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