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God-Image Element 9:  FIT


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How well you "fit" is linked to how well you "love".


Truth 9 - Love allows you to FIT wherever you are in life.

Goal 9 - Experience fulfillment by FITTING in anywhere…

LIE 9- You can never FIT with fulfillment.

APPLYING Love-Link® Image Element 9 – Loving your FIT


  • Strategy:  Learn life’s one thing – “you can fit anywhere with fulfillment”.
  1. Fit is a measure of fulfillment: Just as your “image of Worth” links love to every other God-Image, your “image of Fit” links meaning and purpose to every other God-Image. Fit is a critical measure of life fulfillment. When you have relationships and competence in order, you can find a healthy fit anywhere. When you have belonging and worth developed, you find it easier to fit in. When you have a clear calling and sound motivation in order, fit becomes easier. Fulfilled people can literally fit anywhere with security and significance.
  2. Not where but who you are: Fit is a bit like smoke – you first need a fire. The same is true with successful “doing” - you first need a healthy sense of “being”. So, it is with your ability to fit – if you are first fulfilled with all your Creator’s images, you will find a way!
  3. Be aware of your surroundings:  Are you having difficult time fitting into a circumstance? Use a review of your other God-Images to diagnose and make the changes you need. Look at relationships – are you serving? Review your design – have you discovered and accepted it? How about belonging – are you connected and protected by a family (natural and spiritual)? Look around you, take an inventory of your image development, then make a plan. You can do it!
  • Commitment:  Learn to "Love your Fit"
  1. Be open to new ideas on how to fit.  It has been said that sometimes to learn something new we need to unlearn something old. To put more in a suitcase we may need to take something out. So it is with fit. If we are full of “self” there may be little room for “God” to help us find a way to fit in difficult or even boring situations. Spend some time in His Word and prayer to get some new ideas.
  2. Fitting is about choices: Your car seats are wet because you chose to wait and close the windows later. You can’t help a work team because you chose to watch a movie rather than review a brief the night before. The ability to fit depends on many past as well as current choices. Review your choices and continue to develop your Fit-image.
  3. Create your own learning projects.  Look for patterns. Is it only one area you struggle with fit or is it several or many? What are the reasons for each? Are they the same or different? Use the diagnostic ideas from #3 above to give you ideas on how to improve.
  • Get Started:  Learning the value of your fit.
  1. Be proactive.  Download the Action Guide below. Complete the FIT Study.
  2. Reach out.  Be a good communicator. Listen to others’ stories. Share your own. Learn, grow, and change. Fit is a life-long process, but one worth all your efforts.

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