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Welcome to the Celebration:

“Christmas is Love”

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You are made in God's image!  
Discover our Creator's plan to know you personally.



25 Daily Conversations

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5 Advent Celebrations

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9 Image Studies

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Have you ever wondered?

  • What was God thinking when he made the world?
  • How can God be three Persons, yet one God?
  • Why is Christmas so important to my life’s story?
  • Does my Creator really want to know me personally?

Christmas is Love” is a journey in love to discover these and other amazing TRUTHS about Christmas.



3 Sections

Daily Conversations – Days 1 – 25 of Advent Readings; Starting December 1st

Advent Sunday Celebrations5 Devotionals; Starting November 28th

Optional Studies9 Extra Enrichments; To become ‘Older and Wiser’


Suggested items for your Advent Celebration

  • ADVENT CELEBRATIONS [3 Purple candles; 1 Pink candle; 1 White candle; wreath]
  • DAY 4 OBJECT LESSON [Spool of Thread; Scissors]
  • OPTIONAL STUDIES [Bible; https://www.youversion.com/ App; http://www.9lovelinks.com/ Website; 9lovelinks.com puzzle (optional, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )].