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Life is a Gift


HEAVENLY CONVERSATION 1: “Celebrating Baby Jesus’ Birthday"

KEY: F (God the Father Speaking);J (God the Son, Jesus Speaking); S (God the Holy Spirit Speaking) [Read the verse(s) and “Heavenly Conversation” as a family. Suggestion: Choose a different family member to read each part of God’s conversation.]


F “Christmas is about life! What a beautiful day it is. How shall we celebrate Christmas this year?”

J “I love birthdays! I wonder if each person we created is enjoying their gift of life today? I hope so!”

S “Being alive IS a treasured gift! I wonder if they are loving others, themselves, and us with their choices?”

J “For that to be so, they must have discovered and then chosen to accept our three Christmas gifts of love for themselves. I offer the gift of freedom from sin.”

S “I offer them the gift of fulfillment.”

FMy gift is the offer of forgiveness. Our whole purpose in creating each soul was that we could know and love them personally. We want each one to know and love us in return. This was a reason for Christmas, too – to bring our love into the world personally and offer our gifts of forgiveness, freedom, and fulfillment.”

S “That is, of course, why we made each one special, and breathed in them our images! Each image is bathed in our love. I wonder how many have discovered our ‘love images’ for their lives? We inspired Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John to write about Christmas. I have an idea!”

J “What is that? Spirit, you have always been so good at communicating TRUTH to our creation through prophets, kings, priests, angels, and now personally in each person’s heart.”

S “True, and thanks for the compliment. You, however, were willing to personally make it all happen! At Christmas you went to earth as a baby, you lived a sinless life, you suffered death for their sins on a cross, and you rose from the dead so that I could go to earth to help everyone know how to live a life of love!”

FAll true! But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Spirit, what is your idea?”

S “I like how we inspired John to write, ‘For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth on him should not perish, but have eternal life.’ It really explains why we create each person so special, and that we want to have a loving relationship with each one. Let’s focus on these words for Advent.”

J “Good idea. They also emphasized that loving is an individual choice – each person must separately decide to believe! It is always a personal choice.”

FBoth good ideas! But hold on. There is so much more. Since Luke was a physician and scholar, and attentive to so many details, let’s retell the Christmas Story through his eyes too, and the choices of those he mentions! …Sort of a “larger view” of Christmas, and how each person can make our love real in their lives. Each life has a story full of choices. Celebrating life, both the good and bad, is a choice we can remind everyone to make this Christmas. Remember, as ‘Baby Jesus’, they called you Immanuel. They knew we had come be with them, and to show them how to love and be loved. Let’s help them create their life stories with the TRUTHS of Christmas.”

S J (Together) “Let’s do it. It sounds like fun.”

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth on him should not perish, but have eternal life.” John 3:16



I Will Value God’s Gift of Life in Every Choice





Reading the entire Gospel of Luke is a great way to celebrate and better understand the significance of Christmas. There are several ways to grow from this experience. For an amazing impact, 1) you can read the entire Gospel of Luke in one setting (non-stop); for an overview impact, 2) you can read the entire Gospel of Luke in one day (midnight to midnight of the same day); or for a more paced understanding, 3) you can read the entire Gospel of Luke one chapter each day, and finish all 24 chapters on Christmas Eve.   NOTE: It takes a little over 2 ½ hours to read out loud or listen to the entire Gospel of Luke.



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