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HEAVENLY CONVERSATION 3: “One life to make it happen."

KEY: F (God the Father Speaking);J (God the Son, Jesus Speaking); S (God the Holy Spirit Speaking) [Read the verse(s) and “Heavenly Conversation” as a family. Suggestion: Choose a different family member to read each part of God’s conversation.]


F “Christmas is about design! This is one of my favorite parts about our creation. As the #1 Rule-Maker, you might say I have, ‘hand-crafted’ each soul, and thus I am totally aware of their circumstances. While it may be difficult to for some to see, my gift of design is always complete. Not even one person is a mistake to me!”

J “Some are tall, some are short. Some have loving families and some have none. Some have boundless abilities and others have less. Yet we know, Father, that you gave each one a unique, precious, and irreplaceable soul.”

S “The most important thing is that each child is born with the ability to love and the need to be loved – like us.”

FYou think the angels’ singing is beautiful, wait until each soul that accepts our Christmas gifts joins us in our heavenly choir celebration. It will be out-of-this-world!”

J “Literally, Father! I like what King David said about his worth and each design created. He wrote, ‘I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvelous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.”

S “What everyone decides to do with their design is up to them. It is important they learn to accept their design.”

F “After accepting, and thanking us for how they were made, knowing their design, and the different designs of others, is a great place to continue.”

J “Learning to love their designs, and allowing themselves to be loved by those with different designs, are also good choices - and lifelong tasks. No designs are bad.”

S “I wish people, instead of comparing, would discover how special each of their unique designs actually are to us.”

FKnowing their design helps them accept and love others regardless whether others return that acceptance. It is one of my God-the-Father images, and part of everyone’s behavioral dimension(soma – body).”

J “All designs are good, but not all choices are good.”

S “So true. The shepherds were designed very different than the wise men, yet they both made good choices.”

FWe designed Herod to be a capable leader, but he made poor choices. How sad.”

J “Mary and Elizabeth were both mothers, yet so different. Still, they both made godly choices with their designs.”

S “I am glad we designed John the Baptist just like we did. He faithfully accepted both his design and his calling.”

FWouldn’t it be great if this Christmas if every believer would see the beauty of their one-of-a-kind designs as our gifts to them? And stop comparing as well!”

J “Yes. Absolutely!”

S “I will add that to my prayers for each one!”


“I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvelous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.”   Psalm 139:14



I will use my design to glorify my Maker.



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