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HEAVENLY CONVERSATION 19: “We are master motivators."

KEY: F (God the Father Speaking);J (God the Son, Jesus Speaking); S (God the Holy Spirit Speaking) [Read the verse(s) and “Heavenly Conversation” as a family. Suggestion: Choose a different family member to read each part of God’s conversation.]


F “Christmas is about motivation! What energizes those that we have created is very important to us.”

J “Let me say it for you… it is part of their design!”

S “Right. Just as we are one, but three persons, each person is one, with three dimensions – body, soul, and spirit – or in Greek, soma, psyche, and pneuma. We have designed all their nine God-Images to have motivation.”

FOur central image in them is love. We want our love to be their central motivation, too. Love gives boundless energy for life. I desire individuals to be motivated by their physical appetites, their emotional desires, and their spiritual longings for meaning and completeness.”

J “I want them to be motivated to find their security in our love and trust that we will meet all their needs.”

S “My joy is when they allow me to motivate them to serve others with a sense of well-being and satisfaction. I want them to be motivated to choose holy lives.”

FThat’s why Paul wrote, ‘Do everything in love.’ It is the energy behind each of our images, and we want love to be the motivation in every life story choice they make!”

J “Motivation, energized by love, is one of my special God-the-Son images; it is part of everyone’s life-motivational dimension (pneuma – spirit).”

S “A perfect plan, Jesus.”

FA tricky one, though. Jeremiah warned that, ‘The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked; Who can know it?’ [Jeremiah 17:9] Jesus, will you share more about knowing what really motivates people when we talk about the ‘Season of Freedom”?”

J “Gladly. The important thing for believers to know is since love is a choice, motivation is also their choice.”

S “Motives determine the actions they take. For example, motives of love and hate produce different choices.”

FEvil can also be a motivator, and it is important that believers allow us to fight these battles with them. One of Satan’s lies is that when confronting sin, ‘is not worth it’. But it always is! Holy choices, based on our TRUTHS, will ultimately win in the end. That’s why we desire to live in their hearts and make choices motivated by love.”

J “I believe that all those in our Christmas story were motivated by their love and devotion to us.”

S “Well I am going to pray that each believer is energized by love in all they do and say this Christmas.”

F “That means that everyone today can continue our story by the way they allow our love to motivate them.”

J S “Yea! The story goes on!”


1 Corinthians 16:14; Jeremiah 17:9; “Do everything in love.” 1 Corinthians 16:14



I will center my motivations in serving God and others.



OPTIONAL: Discover God’s MOTIVATION Love-Image in Your Life

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