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God wants to know you personally! … and love you, too! 1) Discover how you were made in God’s Images. 2) Quickly review the 9 LIES Satan uses to keep you from knowing the 9 TRUTHS about your images.   3) Learn the 9 GOALS for developing your 9 Love-Imagesand defeating the lies about how special you are to your Creator.


Why include 9 Love-Links for your life?Love and Be Loved Icon

You were created with 3 dimensions: a body (soma), soul (psyche), and spirit (pneuma). They work together holistically, so LOVE (God’s central image*) is connected to every part of your life. Each image is a “Love-Link” to knowing and loving yourself, others, and your Creator. It makes sense to build your life around loving and being loved.

[*Zephaniah 3:17, Ephesians 2:4-5, 1 Peter 5:6-7, Romans 8:37-39, and more.]


How do 9 Love-Links work?CUBE Icon TPM

Research: 9lovelinks is based on a holistic study of 16 centuries of knowledge, including scientific, philosophical, and spiritual sources, both historical and inspired. This research is available in PDF entitled The Tri-Person Matrix.

Your Personal Matrix: The matrix shows that each person of our Creator is reflected in each of your 9 Love-9 Person Elements ICONLink Elements: God the Father links to your Design, Belonging, and Vocation (purpose). God the Son links to your Needs, Worth, and Motivation. God the Spirit links to your Relationships, Competence, and Fit (fulfillment).



9 TRUTHS, 9 Lies, 9 GOALS

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The simplest benefit to you, and easiest way to use your 9lovelinks daily:

Learn the 9 TRUTHS about how you were created to “love and be loved”.

Believe them! The more you review them, the easier you will experience their power.


9 Lies ICONThe greatest danger to your life and subtle enemy of ‘loving and being loved’:

Identify Satan’s 9 LIES about your image that you tend to believe.

Reject them! The more you discover and develop your 9lovelinks, the better.


9 Goals ICONWhat Action Plan can you take to best believe the 9 TRUTHS and reject the 9 LIES?

Familiarize yourself with the 9 GOALS to believe the 9 TRUTHS in your life.

Set some concrete, scheduled plans to personalize and achieve your 9 GOALS.  Download the Goal Summary below.

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Goal Summary (PDF)

Take the START HERE assessment to prioritize your goals.

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