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Grow in love daily! Enjoy the benefits …1) Discover how to use them as formulas to build relationships, maximize competences, and successfully fit anywhere you find yourself. 2) Use your 9 Love-Images to find your calling, increase your life motivation, and find fulfillment in your life.


How do your 9 Love-Images help you with everyday and life issues?

9 Person Elements ICONYour 9 Love-Images work together in horizontal, vertical, and diagonal ways to create Life-Skill, Growth-Skill, and Transformation-Skill formulas. In addition, they explain many formulas you already know and use, so learning them can be easy, but applying them is always more challenging. Life-Skill formulas can help you with “outcomes” such as healthy relationships, increased competence, and finding “fit” in any circumstance. Growth-Skill formulas can be seen in terms of “realizations” such as understanding your calling, staying motivated, and achieving fulfillment in life. Transformational-Skill formulas are located in the Empowered LEGACY links.


Using LIFE-SKILL Formulas

Life-Skill (LS) Formulas (PDF) – Improving Relationship, Competence, and Fit “Outcomes”     

Life Skills Formula ICONLS Formula One: Design + Needs = Relationships

Simple Summary: Knowing designs of self and others reveals needs; meeting needs helps serve others and build healthy relationships.

LS Formula Two: Belonging + Worth = Competence

Simple Summary: Healthy belonging leads to self-worth that results in gaining personal competence without comparing or demeaning others.

LS Formula Three: Vocation + Motivation = Fit

Simple Summary: Clarity in one’s calling energizes healthy motivations that give confidence in sussessfully fitting into any circumstance.

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Using GROWTH-SKILL Formulas

Growth-Skill (GS) Formulas (PDF) – Clarifying Vocational, Motivational, and Fulfillment “Realizations”             

Growth Skills Formula ICONGS Formula One: Design + Belonging = Vocation

Simple Summary: Accepting your design and belonging in a healthy way gives significance; they can be the foundation for both vocation and calling.

GS Formula Two: Needs + Worth = Motivation

Simple Summary: Having needs met properly allows for self-worth and love, providing the foundation for healthy motivations and life energy.

GS Formula Three: Relationships + Competence = Fit

Simple Summary: Experiencing servant relationships frees one to develop well-being and competence as the foundation for life fulfillment.

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